Transition Marbletown
is a Transition Initiative with www.transitionus.org  in Marbletown, New York.
We were officially recognized as the 108th U.S.Transition Initiative on Dec. 23, 2011.
We are part of the Transition movement, now an international movement. It began in Totnes, England and spread rapidly throughout the UK soon becoming international.  http://www.transitiontowntotnes.org

We are a group of Marbletown residents, partnering with a group of Rochester residents, imagining a more resilient and self-sustainable community, and working to bring that about.  
Click on  What’s Happening  to find out about ongoing projects.

Our work embraces the future of our town by facilitating a way in which residents can live together harmoniously, supporting each other in community in a self sustaining way.  We wish to look truly carefully at how we live and develop our resilience together in the face of the challenges ahead.  We will proceed using local assets, innovating, networking, collaborating, replicating proven strategies, and respecting the deep patterns of nature and diverse cultures in our local culture.  So much work related to this goal is already being done by many local individuals and groups.  We hope to create a network of all these individuals and groups that are working for self-sustaining community.  Together, we wish to raise everyone’s awareness about what each person and group is already doing, we wish to express our gratitude for this work, we wish to support everyone’s efforts in any way we can, and we wish to develop new initiatives.

Our vision includes cooperative efforts on all fronts:

  • A growing sense of community in every neighborhood
  • A growing sense of community in our town
  • A health care center making affordable care available to all
  • Growing access to locally farmed fresh foods
  • Development of a local community garden
  • A local economy that finds innovative ways to support local businesses
  • Education and support for increasing green energy technology
  • Free classes for learning skills together, such as canning, sewing, gardening

 On October 14, 2012, a very special event happened in Stone Ridge to celebrate the local efforts to create self-sustainability and resilience in our valley — the Rondout Valley Common Ground Celebration. This was the first of what is to be an annual celebration of our local culture.  www.rvcgc.org.

At this celebration, Transition Marbletown recognized some of the outstanding efforts community members have made to promote sustainability in the Rondout Valley. This was the first of what is to be an annual recognition ceremony called Signs of Sustainability to acknowledge individuals and organizations in the Rondout Valley who are working to advance community sustainability.  To view the names of recipients of these annual awards, click here on SIGNS OF SUSTAINABILITY.


“Be the change that you want to see in the world” — Gandhi 

“…the global is realized through the individual and that has always been the case.  When there are enough people… vibrating at a certain level, the change will be significant and will be felt, and will resound in a wonderful song.”

                                                                   Paul Selig, I AM THE WORD, page 15